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GG goes to “Market” to build image

AN EXAMPLE of the "Garden Grove is Your Market" promotion emphasizing education (City of Garden Grove).

AN EXAMPLE of the “Garden Grove is Your Market” promotion emphasizing education (City of Garden Grove).

By Jim Tortolano

Garden Grove, are you ready for your close-up?

A new publicity campaign aimed at burnishing the image of the city of over 175,000 people will be rolled out in January.

“Garden Grove Is Your Market.” That’s the tagline for the program, according to Ana Pulido, supervisor of the city’s community relations office.

Initially using social media – such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – as well as other local channels including digital billboards and city mailings, the campaign is aimed at focusing on the uniqueness of the community.

pulido-quote“We want to show what we have in Garden Grove that’s one of a kind,” she said. Such an effort could spotlight restaurants, parks, arts and other aspects of the Big Strawberry. The outreach will start with Garden Grove and nearby communities and could eventually “expand a little further out.”

The campaign would seek to not only buff up the city’s reputation in surrounding areas but also “make people who live in Garden Grove feel a stronger connection to the city.”

As a graphic device, the campaign employs a chalkboard background, such as you mind find when a list of “specials” is displayed in front of a restaurant. The look is modern and a big part of the thrust is toward a younger demographic.

The slogan is intended to turn the spotlight on some of the community’s assets such as food, education, housing, technology, community and quality of life. “Education, especially,” she said. “We have a great school system here in the Garden Grove Unified School District.”

Choosing what to promote won’t be just the province of the city staff. “We’re talking to people in Garden Grove to get their ideas,” she said. “At some point I wouldn’t mind opening it up to suggest other places and businesses.”

She’s optimistic there will be plenty of good things to publicize about the City of Youth and Ambition. “There’s so much to talk about in Garden Grove,” she said. “We’re very proud of what we have.”



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