Brave new world of prep playoffs

NEW PLAYOFF groupings have been announced by the CIF-SS for baseball, softball and boys' volleyball.

NEW PLAYOFF groupings have been announced by the CIF-SS for baseball, softball and boys’ volleyball.

Here comes the next wave of regrouping of high school sports teams in the name of “competitive equity.” That means that a six-team league – for example – might find its members assigned playoff purposes to six different divisions based on past performances.

Some like it, some – like me – don’t, but it’s here to stay. Last week the CIF-SS announced the groupings for baseball, boys’ volleyball and softball. Here is how teams serving the Garden Grove-Huntington Beach-Westminster area were assessed.


Division 1: Huntington Beach, Marina.

Division 2: Fountain Valley, Edison, Pacifica

Division 3: Ocean View

Division 4: Orange, Rancho Alamitos

Division 5: Garden Grove, La Quinta

Division 6: Westminster, Santiago, Los Amigos

Division 7: Bolsa Grande


Division 1: Pacifica, Huntington Beach

Division 2: Fountain Valley, Edison, Marina

Division 4: Garden Grove, Ocean View

Division 5: Westminster, La Quinta

Division 6: Santiago, Rancho Alamitos, Los Amigos, Orange

Division 7: Bolsa Grande, Orangewood


Division 1: Huntington Beach, Edison

Division 2: Fountain Valley, Marina

Division 3: Westminster

Division 4: Bolsa Grande, La Quinta, Garden Grove, Ocean View, Santiago

Division 5: Pacifica, Los Amigos, Rancho Alamitos, Orange.

edison_chargers_logoNEW ERA AT EDISON HIGH

Jeff Grady, a former football play at Edison High will be taking over as head football coach for the Chargers for the 2017 season. He replaces Dave White, who retired after coaching EHS for 31 years. He will start his new assignment on Feb. 6.

Grady has coached at Santa Margarita and Fresno State. White leaves Edison after winning 13 Sunset League titles and two CIF-SS championships.


It is literally, anybody’s guess who will win the Super Bowl played next Sunday. Most prognostications are worth nothing, and hardly ever do sports writers ever get it right.

In that spirit, we report that 25 “psychics” were polled by the Huffington Post for their predictions, and the break went 16 to 9 in favor of the New England Patriots with a mean of 23-21.

Considering how far off the more “scientific” pollsters were in the 2016 presidential election, we’re going the other direction. Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons are a team of destiny. The NFC champs by 10.

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