Garden Grove

Pot, communists, cremation on agenda

AN AMENDMENT to a city ordinance which would allow up to six marijuana inside a home – in accordance with new state law – will go before the Garden Grove City Council on Tuesday.

A busy agenda touching on churches, cannabis, communists, cremation and more will greet the Garden Grove City Council when it meets on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. in its chambers in the Community Meeting Center.

Before the council will be:

  • a series of actions clearing the way for the development of a 70-home tract at the northwest corner of Lewis Street and Garden Grove Boulevard now occupied by the Shepherd’s Grove church, successor to the former Crystal Cathedral congregation.
  • a new ordinance relating to standards for cemeteries, mortuaries and crematoriums which would ban the latter within city limits.
  • an amendment to the city code which reaffirms the municipal ban on marijuana dispensaries, but which allows private cultivation of no more than six plants inside a residence or an attached building, in compliance with state law.
  • a resolution in opposition to Assembly Bill 22, which would repeal existing California law banning avowed members of the Communist Party to serve as public employees.
  • a discussion about the possible addition of two more paramedic units – three employees – to the Garden Grove Fire Department in order to meet the increasing demand for medical aid services.

The CMC is located at 11300 Stanford Ave., east of Euclid Street, across the street from Garden Grove High.

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