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Citizenship path for DACA kids offered?

THE POSSIBILITY of a pathway to citizenship for “dreamers” was floated on Thursday.

A pathway to citizenship for 1.8 million undocumented immigrants will be proposed next Monday, according to multiple news reports. The plan, backed by President Donald Trump, would be presented as part of a deal of with Democrats to support a wall along the border with Mexico.

The dead would also include big cuts in legal immigration and $25 billion in upgraded border security. The citizenship path would apply to those in the “Dreamer” (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). On Wednesday the president mentioned a citizenship path, saying “It’s going to happen, at some point in the future, over a period of 10 to 12 years.”

The DACA program was ended by Trump in September, subjecting those covered by it to deportation if legal protections were not enacted by Congress by March.


A man was arrested and two other suspects are being sought Thursday in connection with the fatal shooting of 31-year-old sheriff’s deputy north of Denver.

Officers responding to a report of disturbance came under fire from a man, who opened fire and hit Heath Gumm in the chest. Two other men are hunted but are not suspects in the shooting, according to authorities. The name of the man arrested was not released, but the Associated Press lists Dreion Martise Dearing, 22, as homicide suspect.


Country music and TV star Reba McEntire will portray a fictional version of the chicken tycoon Col. Sanders in television commercials starting next week.

Dressed a bit like the fried chicken king, she will sing her pitch for the poultry. The commercials will air through April. She will wear a white wig, beard, et al.

“I thought the transformation was really funny,” she said.

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