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After a week, not much has changed

THE LATEST RESULTS from the June 5 primary election.

Almost a week after Election Day, and with 92,443 ballots left to count, there’s been very little change and very few surprises from the June 5 primary election.

All the office-holders in districts serving the Garden Grove-Huntington Beach Westminster area appear to be headed to victory in the fall, with the possible exception of 24-year incumbent Dana Rohrabacher, Republican from the 48th Congressional District.

He’s polling 30.5 percent and will face likely Democrat Hans Keirstead (17.3 percent), who leads fellow Democrat Harley Rouda by a mere 87 votes. But the top two Republicans totaled 46.5 percent, compared to 35 percent for the other team.

Here are other results of interest:

  • 46th Congressional:Democratic incumbent Lou Correa got 69.8 percent and will face Republican Russell Lambert (35 percent) in November.
  • 47th Congressional:Democratic incumbent Alan Lowenthal has a big head-start over Republican challenger John Briscoe in this district which reaches from Long Beach to Garden Grove. Lowenthal had 48,290 votes to Briscoe’s 17,956, polling majorities in both counties.
  • 72nd State Assembly:In this district without an incumbent, Democrat Josh Lowenthal finished first in the primary with 24,393 votes (36.7 percent), ahead of Republican Tyler Diep, a Westminster city councilman with 19,800 votes (29.8 percent). But the combined total vote for all the GOP candidates was 63.3 percent, so Diep may be the favorite.
  • 34th State Senate:Republican incumbent Janet Nguyen has got to feel good about her chances against Democratic challenger Tom Umberg. She rolled up 59.6 percent of the vote (51,577) against Umberg’s 26.4 percent (22,846).
  • Measure E:Voters narrowly approved a proposal to change the mayor’s term from two to four years. The margin was 6312 votes for and 5832 against (52 percent for and 48 percent against).

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