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H. Beach wins a battle vs. SB 54

AN ORANGE COUNTY court on Tuesday ruling in favor of Huntington Beach’s challenge of Senate Bill 54.

An Orange County Superior Court ruled on Thursday that Senate Bill 54 – called by some a “sanctuary state law” – was unconstitutional.

A suit challenging the law, which limits local law enforcement interactions with federal immigration authorities, was brought by Huntington Beach City Attorney Michael Gates.

The court ruled that the law was a violation of charter city authority and autonomy. Huntington Beach, unlike most Orange County cities, has a charter, which differentiates it from general law cities in certain respects.

“I’m very pleased with the court’s ruling,” said Gates. “This is a significant victory of the rule of law, the California constitution, the city’s charter authority and other charter cities.

“We will continue to hold Sacramento accountable for unconstitutional state law overreaches.”

The case is City of Huntington Beach vs. The State of California (30-2018-00984280).

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