New sign regulations are proposed

THE STANTON CITY COUNCIL will meet on Tuesday to consider a new sign ordinance (File photo).

The Stanton City Council on Tuesday will consider a proposed ordinance which would change regulations relating to “temporary noncommercial signs” displayed on private property. The proposal would include changes to sign size requirements, the locations of signs, the number of signs and would include special enforcement regulations during an election period.

It would set a limit on the size of such signs to six feet square and no more than six signs allowed on a property in a single family zone and a maximum of 10 signs on a property permitted within all other zones. The current ordinance has a size limit of 12 feet square.

Included in the ordinance would be an enforcement section allowing the city to remove signs 72 hours after notifying the property owner or tenant of a violation.

Also on the agenda is a professional services agreement with Townsend Public Affairs to provide advocacy and grant funding services in an amount up to $144,000 through the conclusion of fiscal year 2021-22.

The council will meet in its chambers in the City at 6:30 p.m. at 7800 Katella Ave.

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