Huntington Beach

One setback and one success for city

HUNTINGTON BEACH is having mixed success in its legal struggles with the State of California (Shutterstock).

The City of Huntington Beach’s legal wrestling with the State of California has brought a win and a loss.

A state appeals court ruled Friday that the Surf City must comply with a state law limiting cooperation between local police departments and federal immigration officials.

The court overturned a lower court ruling that Huntington Beach’s charter city status exempted it from compliance with the California Act.

Huntington Beach is doing better with the issue of affordable housing. State housing officials indicated in a letter Friday that the city’s latest plan for affordable housing would bring them into compliance with the state requirement that cities plan sufficient affordable housing to meet projected growth.

The new plan calls for at least 20 percent of new housing in commercial corridors to be available to low-income residents. The city planning commission will take up the matter on Tuesday, and – if approved – will go before the city council in March.

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