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Jobless claims are skyrocketing

NEARLY 10 MILLION people have applied for unemployment benefits in the last two weeks, according to the U.S. Department of Labor (Shutterstock).

A record number of people – over 6.6 million – applied for unemployment benefits last week in the United States, bringing the two-week total to 10 million, the most ever.

It far surpasses the numbers from the 2007-2009 recession, according to the Department of Labor.

The unemployment rate could go as high as 15 percent this week, topping the 10.8 percent rate of the 1982 recession. During the Great Depression of the 1930s, the rate reached almost 25 percent.

California led the wave of applications with 900,000 last week, representing 5 percent of the state’s workers.

Democrats push convention to August

Concerned about the impact and challenges of staging a large event in the face of the coronavirus outbreak, the Democratic National Convention will be moved from its original starting date from July 13-16 to an Aug. 17 start in Milwaukee.

The Republicans will press ahead with their convention planned for Charlotte, North Carolina from Aug. 24-27.

The Democrats’ change came after several prominent party figures – including presidential frontrunner Joe Biden – urged the rescheduling.

Coronavirus cases hit 1 million worldwide

UPDATE: The total count of worldwide coronavirus cases is now 1,002,159.

The number of coronavirus cases across the globe is nearing 1 million. According to the count compiled by Johns Hopkins University, 998,047 persons have contracted the illness. The tally is as of midday Pacific time.

Leading the list of nations is the United States with 234,462, followed by Italy with 115,242, Spain with 110,238 and Germany with 84,264.

The total deaths are estimated at 51,335, with the most being in Italy with 13,915 fatalities. Spain has 10,896 and 4,503 in France.

In the U.S., the New York City area has 2,112.

On the more positive side, 208,630 people have recovered.










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