Stay-at-home orders “still in place”

THE CITY of Westminster is reminding residents that state “stay-at-home” orders are still in place (File photo).

The City of Westminster is reminding citizens that despite recently issued county guidelines for reopening businesses and easing other restrictions because of the coronavirus, the city remains under California’s mandatory stay-at-home order.

On April 28, the Orange County Board of Supervisors adopted  guidelines for the public to comply with when Gov. Gavin Newsom begins allowing businesses and schools to reopen.

But the city insists that the county’s guidelines don’t provide direction on the reopening of non-essential services to open, and don’t supercede state orders.


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  1. I am concerned about the kids at liberty park and skate park.at the skate park theres at least 30 there everyday I understand that’s hard to control.but maybe they could sanitize the guard rails that all the kids hang in to once and a while also the play ground I’ve noticed kids playing there.i dont think the playground has been cleaned ever since this statred

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