Huntington Beach

Ruling expected in beach access suit

GOV. GAVIN NEWSOM on April 30 ordered all Orange County closed. He later rescinded the order, but the state’s power to do so is the subject of a lawsuit (Wikipedia/Library of Congress).

A ruling is expected Friday in the City of Huntington Beach’s lawsuit against Gov. Gavin Newsom’s order closing Orange County beaches because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Michael Gates, the city attorney, is seeking an injunction from Orange County Superior Judge Nathan Scott. He’s arguing that Huntington Beach’s status as a charter city denied the state authority over the city’s municipal beaches.

He also told the court, according to, the state’s requirement that use of the beaches be only for active recreation such as swimming and surfing, would violate the constitutional rights of those such as the disabled, the homeless and parents wanting to bring their children to the shore for passive uses.

Newsom on April 30 ordered all Orange County beaches closed – an order since rescinded – because he felt that beaches in Huntington and Newport were crowded and that beachgoers were not practicing social distancing.

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