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Korea virus cases up, fall in U.S.

DEATHS and new coronavirus cases are rising in South Korea, but declining in the U.S.(Shutterstock).

In South Korea, some re-opening efforts are being rolled back as a new spurt of new coronavirus infections have reported.

Health Minister Park Neung-hoo said that on Friday, parks, museums and theaters would by closed in Seoul, the capital.

According to United Press International, 79 new COVID-19 confirmed cases were reported today (Thursday). That’s the highest in nearly two months.

Schools have been re-opened, but if the increase can’t be reversed, schools might again be closed, he said.

So far, the nation has seen 269 deaths and 11,344 confirmed coronavirus cases.

Thursday’s count of global deaths is at 359,791, led by the United States with 101, 573, followed by 37,919 in the United Kingdom (Great Britain), Italy with 33,142, France with 28,665 and Spain with 27,119, according to Johns Hopkins University’s statistics.

The total confirmed cases worldwide is now at 5.8 million people with the U.S. showing 1.7 million, Brazil with 438,238, Russia with 379,051, the U.K. with 270,507 and Spain with 237,906.

According to the New York Times, the number of new cases in the U.S. is down 9 percent over the past two weeks and deaths are down by 47 percent. Cases are rising in West Virginia, Wisconsin, Alabama, Arkansas, North Carolina and Puerto Rico, and declining in New York, Rhode Island, Kansas, Massachusetts, South Dakota and Oregon.


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