161-unit project is put back on hold

THE STANTON CITY COUNCIL on Tuesday voted for “rescission” of an earlier decision to use eminent domain for a new 161-unit multi-family housing project (File photo).

A plan to build a 161-unit multi-family affordable housing project in Stanton is a casualty of the coronavirus pandemic.

On Tuesday night the City Council voted 5-0 to back out of a previous decision to build the project, which was planned to be constructed on the south side of Tina Way, east of Sherrill Street.

Back in November, the council invoked eminent domain powers to purchase 15 parcels and now has six. However, the “extenuating circumstances” of the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the costs of relocating existing tenants and the increased value of the other nine parcels has led to the “rescission” of the earlier decision.

If conditions change, the council could re-invoke eminent domain at a later date.



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