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Up to 100 battle in hotel ‘brawl’


ANAHEIM POLICE and fire units responded in force to a “brawl” Wednesday at the Cambria Hotel (Anaheim PD photo).

It wasn’t quite a riot but it was sure enough a “brawl,” according to Anaheim police, a battle involving as many as 100 people at a hotel Wednesday afternoon.

The Cambria Hotel and Suites, located at 101 E. Katella Ave., just above where Anaheim Boulevard turns into Haster Street, was the scene of a fight that sent two people to the hospital and two others to jail.

The incident began around 1 p.m. at the Cambria, located not far from Disneyland park.  The fight began in the pool area and expanded out into the lobby of the hotel and then onto the street.

According to published reports, the donnybrook involved men and women, adults and youngsters battling with broomsticks and other handy objects.

The battle reportedly started when roughhousing in the pool between children led to a confrontation that escalated into violence.

Two people were hospitalized for cuts and two others were arrested for fighting in public.

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