Huntington Beach

Threats of violence prompt the removal of Olive Ave. mailboxes

THREE USPS mailboxes will be removed from a downtown area of Huntington Beach as a precaution against violence during the week of Joe Biden’s inauguration (Flickr/Ben Timberlake).

Three United States Postal Service mailboxes will be removed from an area of downtown Huntington Beach as a precaution against violence.

The trio are located at 316 Olive Avenue.

The USPS, in a statement released Friday, said it was done for security reasons in the wake of threats of attacks the week of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration.

“Postal customers in the Greater Los Angeles area will see some changes as the city makes security preparations for the potential  upcoming civil events,” it read.

A total of 14 mail collection boxes will be removed, including seven in Van Nuys and four in Los Angeles. The three in Huntington Beach were on the list because the city has seen several incidents of white supremacist violence.

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