City panel requirements relaxed

STANTON CITY COUNCIL has approved dropping the “qualified elector” requirement for serving on city commissions (File photo).

If you live in Stanton and aren’t a registered voter, you will still be able to take an official role in city matters.

At Tuesday’s meeting of the city council, an amendment to the municipal code to repeal the “qualified elector” requirement to serve on the city’s planning and parks, recreation and community services commissions was approved.

The vote was 4-1, with Councilmember Carol Warren opposed.

That means that any resident of the city, 18 years old or older, can be appointed to and serve on those panels “regardless of citizenship or immigration status.” The change is in response to Senate Bill 225, approved by the state legislature and signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom. It removes the citizenship requirement for serving on state and local boards and commissions.

Also on Tuesday night, the council approved an ordinance on accessory dwelling units and junior accessory units to bring them in line with new state law. The vote was 4-1, with Mayor David Shawver opposed.



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