Who let the dog out? She’s back

LUCA traveled from Kansas to California, and was reunited with her family in Westminster (City of Westminster photo).

Let’s start with some heart-warming news.

Luca, a very good dog, got lost near her home in Kansas. Persistent but without a compass, she traveled westward, ending up in California after a seven-month journey, presumably on foot, er, paw.

Westminster Animal Control Officers brought her in and ACOs Crystal Sheldon and Lisa Serrato contacted her family. They drove for 30 hours from Kansas to be reunited with their wayward but much-loved pooch. And, of course, to administer some much-deserved belly rubs.

Don’t you love a happy ending? Don’t you wonder what kind of adventures Luca had on the trip?

Stanton’s cannabis future

As laws and attitudes about cannabis and marijuana become more accepting, some cities are seeking to take advantage of that shift and consider the revenue-generating possibilities of taxing the stuff.

STANTON is moving toward cannabis sales and other related businesses

Stanton is a local example. A small city geographically (3.2 square miles), this community is betting on becoming a big player in the cultivating, manufacturing, processing, delivering and retail sales of marijuana and other cannabis products.

A consultant a few years ago told city leaders that such business could bring in over $1 million a year in new tax revenue.

The city has received a boatload of applications for the various categories. Four businesses have applied for cultivation permits, five for delivery, one for manufacturing, one for distribution and 42 for retail/storefront sales.

Now, that doesn’t mean there will be a pot shop on every corner. But it does show the interest in the business. One million in new revenue a year? That could just be the start.

From tacos to tennis

LARRY VANCE will play in a national tennis tournament (Flickr).

Larry Vance, famous locally for operating – with Jennifer Stewart – the popular Azteca Mexican restaurant on Main Street in Garden Grove, is going national.

With his tennis game, that is.

He’s been invited to play in the 2021 NTRP 50+ Singles National Championship tournament to be held April 9-11 in Orlando, Florida. The NTRP is the national tennis rating program which classifies players based on ability and experience.

All coronavirus safety protocols will be in place, including wearing face masks (except when playing) and maintaining social distancing.

Although Larry will be traveling 3,000 miles to play, he will still have a home court advantage. Orlando, after all, is located in Florida’s Orange County.

All things must pass (and be replaced)

MAIN PAVILION in Garden Grove Park will be removed and replaced (OC Tribune photo).

The renovation of Garden Grove Park is underway with the demolition of the three shelters located there at 9301 Westminster Ave. The large wooden picnic pavilion and three small picnic shelters will be replaced, and there will be new tables, benches and barbecue cookers.

A walkway accessible to the disabled with security lighting will connect all three shelters from the parking lot area.

Removing and placing those structures is the first step in a six-month renovation at the city’s largest recreation space.

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