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Arctic oil, gas leases suspended

ARCTIC NATIONAL Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, during the summer (Wikipedia).

Oil and gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge were suspended Tuesday by the Biden Administration, undoing an executive order by former President Donald Trump.

According to the Associated Press, the Interior Department made the order following a temporary moratorium issued by President Joe Biden on his first day in office. The Reserve is a 19.6-million acre area that is a refuge for polar bears, snowy owls, caribou and migrating birds. It’s also rich in oil, and has been a source of contention between Democrats and Republicans since 1995, when Bill Clinton vetoed a Republican bill to allow drilling there.

Several leases for drilling on refuge land were approved by the Trump Administration in January. Tuesday’s action does not eliminate the leases, but suspends them until further action is taken.

The refuge was created in 1960 during the Eisenhower Administration and is located at the far northeast section of Alaska. It is approximately the same size as South Carolina.

Biden in Tulsa, site of 1921 “race massacre”

It was 100 years ago that a white mob attacked a prosperous Black community in Tulsa, Oklahoma, wrecking and burning buildings in an incident that took about 300 lives.

President Joe Biden came to Tulsa on Tuesday to memorialize the destruction of Greenwood, an area then known as “The Black Wall Street.”

“My fellow Americans, this was not a riot,” said Biden. “This was a massacre.”

According to The New York Times, the president pledged to boost federal contracts to minority-owned businesses and push for enforcement of fair-housing laws.

Before his address, Biden met with two survivors of the incident.

The outbreak of violence started when a Black man was accused of attacking a white woman. The charge was later dismissed.


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  1. If humankind wants to avoid the very worst aspects of global warming, we have to leave 80% of known coal, oil, & gas reserves in the ground. We cannot use them.

    This is a start.

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