Quang Tri, vice mayor on agenda

CHI CHARLIE NGUYEN is the vice mayor of Westminster.

Two controversial measures could light up more verbal fireworks at the next meeting of the Westminster City Council.

When the council meets on Wednesday, July 28 at 7 p.m. in webconference format, it will take up the fate of the proposed Quang Tri Victory monument and a possible change in the office of vice mayor.

At the previous council meeting on July 14, Councilmember Kimberly Ho proposed that the monument – already the subject of much contention – be built by the city and not the existing private Quang Tri Victory Foundation.

If approved, decisions would have to be made about location, design and funding.  The monument would commemorate the 1972 victory by South Vietnamese and allied forces over troops of the North Vietnamese Army.

Originally, the monument was proposed for a location in the Sid Goldstein Park in the Civic Center area near the Vietnam War Memorial. The council initially approved but “paused” it last month as some opposition arose, raising concerns about possible crowding of monuments and disputes about the content.

Also on the agenda is a proposal by Councilmember Tai Do to select a new vice mayor, replacing Chi Charlie Nguyen in that largely ceremonial position.

The vice mayor – a job also known in some cities as mayor pro tem – has no official role other than to preside over the city council meetings when the mayor is absent.

Such a change would be a reflection of the change in the balance of power on the council. Ho has shifted from typically voting with Mayor Tri Ta and Nguyen to now form a new council majority with Councilmembers Do and Carlos Manzo.


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