Huntington Beach

Ban on new drilling is urged

A RESOLUTION urging a ban on new offshore drilling for oil and gas goes before the Huntington Beach City Council on Tuesday (Shutterstock).

By Zia Zografos 

A resolution urging a ban all new offshore oil and gas drilling may soon be adopted by Huntington Beach City Council, in response to the recent oil spill on Oct. 2.

The city council will meet on Tuesday to consider adoption of the resolution, brought forth by Mayor Kim Carr and Councilmember Natalie Moser. They stated that the oil spill damaged habitats, coastal infrastructure, and disrupted local business, and that taking preventative steps is now needed.

The resolution will “recognize that a proactive approach to sustainability is best for the city.” Carr and Moser will ask the council to support the ban against new federal oil and gas sales in all U.S. waters, as requested by President Joe Biden.

The council will also provide an update to the oil spill response efforts at the upcoming Oct. 19 meeting.

Huntington Beach may also terminate the declaration of COVID-19 as a local emergency. The proposed resolution states, “…the conditions of extreme peril presented by the spread of COVID-19 have been abated to such a degree as to warrant the termination of the local emergency.”

Other items that will be discussed include:

  • Entering into a three-year agreement with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department to participate in Operation Stone Garden, an operation that supports cooperation amongst agencies to secure the border between the U.S and Mexico.
  • Approving a memorandum of understanding between the city and the Huntington Beach Council on Aging which aims to improve the quality of life for its resident senior citizens.
  • Establishing a 15-mph school zone speed limit on Oak Lane, between Cypress Drive to Mandrell Drive.




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