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Colin Powell, pioneering Sec’y of State, Joint Chiefs dead at 84

COLIN POWELL and Norman Scharzenkopf conferring during Operation Desert Storm in 1991 (U.S. Army photo).

Colin Powell, the first Black man to serve as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and secretary of state, died Monday at the age of 84. The cause of death was given as complications from COVID-19.

Powell had been vaccinated against the coronavirus, but his immune system had been weakened by multiple myeloma, a blood cancer, according to the Associated Press.

“Colin embodied the highest ideals of both warrior and diplomat,” said President Joe Biden.  He cited Powell’s “personal commitment to the democratic values that make our country strong.”

A Vietnam War veteran, Powell entered the Army through the ROTC program at City College of New York and rose through the ranks to become a four-star general. He enunciated the “Powell Doctrine” for when and how to commit U.S. military forces.

His popularity was such, according to The New York Times, that both parties considered him a potential candidate for the presidency. His appeal was tarnished a bit by his support for the eventually unpopular Iraq War.

Powell, a life-long Republican, split with his party in 2008 to endorse Democrat Barack Obama. He later criticized Donald Trump as a “national disgrace and an international pariah.”

DOJ seeks to block Texas abortion law

THE DEPARTMENT of Justice is asking the Supreme Court to block a new Texas abortion law (Shutterstock).

An emergency application was filed Monday with the U.S. Supreme Court by the federal Department of Justice requesting that the high court block a new Texas law that imposes strict limits on abortions.

According to United Press International, the DOJ is asking that the law not go into effect until all legal challenges have been heard and decided.

Senate Bill 8 bans abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected, which ­– in most cases – is about six weeks into a pregnancy. The law makes no exceptions for rape or incest and enforcement is to be made by allowing private citizens to sue those seeking or providing abortions for $10,000.

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  • Washington State football coach Nick Rolovich has been fired after refusing to get vaccinated against coronavirus in defiance of a state mandate
  • Former President Donald Trump’s attorney’s filed a lawsuit in federal court on Monday to prevent the release to Congress of documents related to the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol by right-wing extremists.

Sports: Dodgers want to be comeback kids

After losing 5-4 Sunday night to the Atlanta Braves, the Los Angeles Dodgers trail two games to none in the National League Championship Series with crucial Game Three coming up on Tuesday.

For more on the area sports scene, go to: .

Weather: Keep that sweater handy

Autumnal weather has moved in and will probably stay a while in the West Orange County area. The forecast calls for a high of 72 on Tuesday (overnight low of 52) under sunny skies. The skies will get a bit cloudier over the next few days as temperatures rise to 75 on Wednesday and 77 on Thursday before dropping all the way to 71 by the weekend. In the coastal areas of Huntington Beach, Tuesday should see a high of 68, rising to 70 on Wednesday. Temps will peak at 71 on Thursday and then drop into the upper 60s toward the weekend.

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