New cases are still declining

CORONAVIRUS stats in Orange County on Tuesday showed new cases still declining (Shutterstock).

Confirmed new cases of coronavirus in Orange County are continuing to decline, according to Tuesday’s statistics.

The county health care agency is reporting that new cases hit 183, a drop from Monday’s three-day average of 235 and Friday’s 276. Deaths fell from five to four.

Hospitalizations rose from 204 to 210, but the use of intensive care units to treat COVID-19 patients slipped from 56 to 55.

To date, Orange County has had 309,428 cases of coronavirus, of which 297,380 are considered recovered. The total of deaths is 5,662.

At the national level, The New York Times is reporting that new cases are up 14 percent, and deaths down 14 percent over a 14-day period. In California, new cases are down 48 percent and deaths by 9 percent, according to Los Angeles Times, over a similar period.

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