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Pfizer boosters for all adults?

PFIZER is about to get clearance to offer booster shots of its coronavirus vaccine to all adults , it is reported (Shutterstock).

More access to booster shots of coronavirus is likely to be on the way.

The New York Times is reporting that the Food and Drug Administration is about to give its approval by Thursday for the follow-up inoculations of the Pfizer vaccine for all adults. Moderna is considered about to make its own request for all adults.

Under the proposed guidelines, any adult who received a second dose of the Pfizer “jab” a minimum of six months ago would be eligible for the booster within several days.

In related news, federal health officials are reportedly about to set aside $5 billion to purchase a new COVID-19 antiviral pill from Pfizer. In clinical trials, the drug of found to markedly reduce death and hospitalization among high-risk unvaccinated patients.

Jury deliberates on Rittenhouse

THE JURY has the case of Kyle Rittenhouse (Shutterstock).

A Kenosha, Wisconsin jury is mulling the case of Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager facing homicide charges in connection with shooting three people – two of them fatally – during a protest over the police shooting of a Black man.

According to United Press International, Rittenhouse has been charged with reckless homicide and attempted homicide. He brought an assault-style rifle to the August 2020 incident and opened fire. He claims he was acting in self-defense.

Judge Bruce Schroeder sent the case to the jury on Monday. A verdict could come today.

Sports: Kapler, Cash are managers of the year

The National League Manager of the Year is Gabe Kapler of the San Francisco Giants. The award was announced on Tuesday. Kapler, in his second season with the Giants, led the team to 107 wins – best in team history – and the team won the National League West pennant, edging out the Los Angeles Dodgers by a single game.

The American League Manager of the Year honor went to Kevin Cash of the Tampa Bay Rays, his second consecutive win. The Rays had 100 wins – third best in Major League Baseball – and won the AL East pennant.

Weather:  Feeling kind of autumnal

Go outside and it’s fall again. Through Sunday, daytime temperatures in the West Orange County area will be in the low 70s or high 60s. Wednesday is forecast to have a high of 71 (53 overnight) under mostly sunny skies.

Thursday and Friday will be 69 (54) and mostly cloudy. In coastal areas of Huntington Beach, daytime temperatures will be similar, though two or three degrees cooler.

Stocks: Major markets show gains

All three major stock indexes posted gains on Tuesday. The Dow Jones Average was up 54.77 points to 36,142.22. The S&P 500 rose 18.10 points to 4,700.90 and the Nasdaq jumped 120.01 points to 15,973.86 as of the closing bell.


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