Omicron fueling an epic surge

THE OMICRON variant is the cause of most new cases of coronavirus and appears to less damaging in its effects, according to studies. However, it is fueling dramatic increases in new cases (Shutterstock).

The Omicron variant – less dangerous but more transmissible than other forms of the coronavirus – continues to rampage through the nation, state and Orange County.

Friday’s report from the county health care agency showed the count of confirmed new cases to set another record of 6,428, eclipsing Thursday’s 6,266. Deaths inched up from two to three.

Hospitalizations climbed from 724 to 779, while the use of intensive care units to treat COVID-10 patients increased from 109 to 122.

To date, Orange County has had 374,860 cases, of which 311,734 are considered recovered. Deaths now total 5,906.

Nationally, new cases rose by 227 percent over a 14-day period, according to The New York Times. Deaths are up by 2 percent. In California, new cases have risen 446 percent over a similar period, while deaths are down 38 percent.

To our readers: The OCHCA does not post statistics over the weekend. We will have an update on Monday.



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