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Biden pushes rule change

PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN is in favor of a change in the Senate filibuster rule (White House photo).

President Joe Biden, expressing exasperation over the political gridlock sometimes caused by the Senate filibuster rule, on Tuesday said he would support waiving it so that voting rights legislation could advance.

Under filibuster rule, a minority in the Senate can prevent legislation from coming to a vote unless the majority can assemble 60 votes.

“Sadly, the United States Senate, designed to be the world’s greatest deliberative body, has been rendered a shell of its former self,” said Biden, according to The New York Times.

The rule has been set aside in the past, including allowing Supreme Court nominations to progress without being blocked. For decades, civil rights bill were stopped in the Senate by segregationist Southern senators using the filibuster.

In Atlanta, Biden spoke about the historic issues at stake, and expressed his own impatience with trying to quietly assemble support for the bill, which is aimed at reversing some recent state laws which critics say are aimed at voter suppression.

“I’m tired of being quiet,” Biden said, according to United Press International.

Sports:  Yes, Bulldogs are AP’s champs, too

To no one’s surprise, the final Associated Press college football poll of the 2021-22 season declares the Georgia Bulldogs the top team in the nation.

Alabama, which lost Monday night to Georgia in the College Football Playoff title game is second, followed by Michigan, Cincinnati and Baylor in the top five.

The rest of the top 10 are Ohio State (sixth), Oklahoma State (seventh), Notre Dame (eighth), Michigan State (ninth) and Oklahoma (10th).

The Pac-12 conference was represented by Utah (12th) and Oregon (22nd).  The only California team to make the top 25 was San Diego State (25th).

Weather: Summer stays for a while

After hitting a daytime high of 83 today, the forecast for the West Orange County area calls for continued warm weather at least through the weekend. Wednesday will be partly cloudy with a high of 79 and an overnight low of 51. Thursday will be cooler with cloudy skies and a high of 72 (52) and Friday will be similar with a bit more sun. Temps will stay in the 70s through Sunday.

Finance/Business: Bulls back in charge

Promises from the Federal Reserve chair calmed fears on Wall Street of rising inflation, and the stock market responded on Tuesday with a turnaround of Monday’s retreats.

The S&P 500 closed up 42.78 points to finish the day at 4,713.07. The Dow was up 183.15 points to 36,252.02 and the Nasdaq  jumped 210.61 points to 15,153.45.

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