Huntington Beach

“Healing Center” goes to council

AERIAL view of the existing Huntington Beach Navigation Center (City of Huntington Beach photo).

An exclusive negotiating agreement to develop a permanent “Healing Center” for the unsheltered goes before the Huntington Beach City Council when it meets on Tuesday.

The ENA would be with Jamboree Housing Corporation for a 1.6-acre site at 17642 Beach Blvd., where the temporary Navigation Center for the homeless is now located.

What’s proposed is a mixed-use development consisting of a permanent homeless shelter, a sobering shelter, support services (physical and behavioral health care, housing navigation and employment) and low-income housing at various income levels.

Partnering with Jamboree would be Mercy House, which operates homeless shelters, and Be Well, a behavioral health treatment and services organization.

Also on the agenda is a report from the Charter Revision committee on its proposed recommendations. At issue has been the idea of changing the posts of city attorney, city clerk and city treasurer from elected to appointed positions.

The council will meet in its chambers at 2000 Main St. with a study session at 4 p.m., a closed session at 5 p.m. and the regular meeting at 6 p.m.


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  1. Only in Huntington Beach government can your City Council tax your citizens to create homelessness and housing programs that taxpayers already pay for the County to provide through existing social and welfare programs. And when that wasn’t enough the city went out and joined with another joint powers authority to obligate the city to a bond that put us in debt, which bypassed having to put it on a ballot to be voted on by the taxpayers…just so they could put together the Navigation Center.

    All of this has been done with zero input from the people who live here while keeping the public at bay under “Covid” restrictions as citizens have not been allowed to show up in person to provide public comment for almost this entire time. In my opinion as a citizen and taxpayer, Huntington Beach is the absolute worst government around. Next we’ll be putting up a medical center for drug treatment and our own public health department and all of the expenses that go with that. Foolishness at its worst.

  2. “Healing Center” Really? When is the Huntington Beach City Council going to protect and provide for its tax paying citizens. Why don’t they fix our streets, address the growing crime wave and stop high density housing like they all promised in their campaigns?

  3. My my what those “Christian comments” are like, very unchristian I say. I applaud the HB council for doing something about homelessness instead of leaving it all to St. Ana and maybe other city (don’t know of any) to help our unfortunate citizens. Every person could be one of them – be careful it might be just you someday!

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