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Arrests end “reign of terror”

TWO PEOPLE were killed and others wounded in attacks in 7-11 stores in Southern California cities. Two suspects were arrested on Friday (Shutterstock).

“This was a reign of terror,” and that may have ended with the arrest of two suspects in the shootings at 7-11 stores across Orange County and other parts of Southern California.

Malik Patt, 20, and Jason Payne, 44 were arrested Friday in Los Angeles at the conclusion of a manhunt by the Orange County Violent Crime Task Force, according to District Attorney Todd Spitzer. They were booked into Orange County Jail.

“To be thinking that you go to a convenience store or doughnut shop or a sandwich shop and to get shot in the face or call your loved one with your last gasps for breath,” he said. Two people were fatally shot and several others wounded by gunfire in the robberies.

Patt and Payne are suspected in not only the shootings in Brea, La Habra and Santa Ana, but also in a total of 11 robberies ranging across Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Riverside counties.

They are expected to be arraigned on Monday in Orange County on a variety of charges. Based on an image captured by a security camera, Patt is believed to be the shooter in the incidents on Monday.

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