OC’s “high transmission level”


ORANGE COUNTY is now in a “high transmission” status (Shutterstock).

Rising numbers of new cases have elevated Orange County to an area of “high transmission” of the coronavirus.

According to the county health care agency, the OC has case rate of 33.1 per 100,000 people over a seven-day period, which is a daily average of 1,068 cases.

Additionally, the positivity rate in testing is at 17.4 percent.

“We are seeing a summer wave in cases and hospitalizations,” according to OC Health Care Agency Director Dr. Clayton Chau.

Friday’s report from the OCHCA shows 7,170 new cases over a three-day period. That averages to 2,390 case per day, a sharp increase from Tuesday’s 1,293 average and the 1,527 figure of a week ago.

Deaths rose from 10 in Tuesday’s report to 15 for Friday. Hospitalizations stayed level at 277 and the use of intensive care units to treat COVID-19 pattens climbed from 30 to 35.

To date, OC has had 620,698 cases, of which 585,529 are considered recovered. The death total is at 7,170.

Across the U.S., The New York Times reports that – over a 14-day period – new cases are up 17 percent and deaths up 19 percent. Hospitalizations have risen by 10 percent.

In California, Los Angeles Times calculates that – over a similar period – new cases have declined 5 percent and deaths are up 19 percent.




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