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Laurie Merrick (GG council)

A SERIES of brief candidate profiles for local office. These are provided as a free public service by The Tribune and are not endorsements (Shutterstock).

Laurie Merrick, resident of Garden Grove for 30 years. Seeking election to Garden Grove City Council District 3.


Business system analyst manager

LAURIE MERRICK, candidate for Garden Grove City Council District 3.

Why do I want to be elected?

I have lived in Garden Grove for 30 years. I want to help preserve the community and continue to have the residents voice their concerns and issues through me. I am not a career politician, therefore my goals will always be for Garden Grove’s best interests.

Which are the most important issues facing our city?

The issues that will be at the forefront of my attention are: Safety within the city, providing support and solutions for the homelessness issues and ensure small businesses receive the support to help battle inflation and keep economic diversity within the city.

Public service activities or positions held

Co-founded the Garden Grove Neighborhood Association. Team manager for the Pacifica High School hockey team. Volunteer for several animal rescue groups. Public speaker at multiple city council meetings.

And also …

I was a main participant in handing the City of Garden Grove its first referendum, representing the will of the people and overturning a very bad decision of the city manager and sitting council members.

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