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Three elections still undecided

THREE ELECTIONS of interest to West Orange County are remain close (Shutterstock).

As the week draws to an end, three races of interest to the West Orange County area remain undecided.

As of 5 p.m. on Friday, Amy Pham West had a three-vote lead over John Gentile in the contest for the District 1 seat on the Westminster City Council.

According to the Orange County Registrar of Voters, West has 3,106 votes (50.02 percent) to Gentile’s 3,103 (49.98 percent).

In the Ocean View School District election to select three trustees for the governing board, 33 votes separate the third-place ballot-getter and the fourth-place candidate.

Morgan Westmoreland has 12,528 votes (19.51 percent) to John Briscoe’s 12.495 votes (19.45).

In Huntington Beach, voters are deciding on Measure O, which would levy taxes on the sale of cannabis products in the city.

Those voting “yes” numbered 42,050 (54.65 percent) to 34,888 votes (45.35 percent) voting “no.” But – according to the city clerk’s office – passage would require 55 percent plus one vote.

As Friday’s tallying continued, the “yes” vote inched closer to 55 percent, but hasn’t yet closed the gap.

The Registrar of Voters estimates that 23,197 votes countywide remain to be processed.

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