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Civilians are urged to leave

CIVILIAN REFUGEES from the fighting in Ukraine from earlier this year (Shutterstock).

The approach of winter is prompting the Ukrainian government to begin evacuating civilians from areas recently liberated from Russian troops.

According to the Associated Press, the combat that preceded the Russian withdrawal, as well as shelling by the invaders, has left areas of the Kherson and Mykolaiv regions without heat, electric power and drinkable water.

The government is urging residents to relocate to safer areas of the nation. Transportation, etc. will be provided for women with children, the sick and elderly getting priority.

162 dead in Indonesia earthquake

The earthquake that hit the Indonesian island of Java on Monday has left at least 162 people killed and many more injured.  The tremor collapsed buildings and trapped people in the rubble.

According to United Press International, the 5.6 magnitude quake also displaced more than 13,000 people and damaged or destroyed over 2,200 homes.

Also in the news … Rep. Majorie Taylor Green (R- Georgia) has had her Twitter account reinstated Monday by Elon Musk. She had been banned for posting “COVID misinformation.”  Former president Donald Trump’s account was restored the day before.

Sports: U.S. and Wales tie, 1-1

In the 2022 World Cup opener in Qatar, the U.S. national men’s team took an early lead but had to settle for a 1-1 tie with Wales on Monday.

Tim Weah scored for the U.S. in the first half, but Wales got the equalizer on a penalty kick in the 82nd minute by Gareth Bale in the Group B contest.

The U.S. now faces a must-win clash with England on Friday.

Weather: Cloudy, then sunny

The forecast for the West Orange County area is for mostly cloudy skies on Tuesday with a daytime high of 73 and an overnight low of 47. The sun will return on Wednesday with a daytime high of 75 and 51 overnight.

Thanksgiving will be even nicer, with sun and a daytime high of 81, dropping to 52 at night. Friday will be similar at 81 (51), according to the National Weather Service.

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