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Who sends their tanks first?

LEOPARD 2 German tanks (Wikipedia)..

Who goes first? On Friday defense officials representing Western nations were unable to agree on when or whether to send advanced tanks to Ukraine in its struggle against Russian invaders. 

According to The New York Times, the Leopard 2 tank is made in Germany and used widely in Europe. But no one wants to be the first one to send such a vehicle for fear of how Russia would react.

It was reported that Germany might send the tanks if the United States agreed to send its M1 Abrams main battle tank at the same time.

Rain water went out to sea

Did drought-stricken California capture that water that tuned the Golden State soggy recently? Apparently not.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that because of environmental regulations intended to protect fresh water fish, much of it washed out to sea instead of being taken for a non-rainy day … or months … or year.

Also in the news … Tim Kaine, a Democratic senator from Virginia, announced Friday he would seek another term in the 2024 elections. His announcement is good news for Democrats hoping to hold on to their Senate majority. according to the Associated Press.

Sports: Clippers win, Lakers get an upset

The Los Angeles Clippers defeated the San Antonio Spurs Friday night 131-126 to improve their record to 24-24. Kawhi Leonard scored a season-high 36 points.

The Los Angeles Lakers played the Memphis Grizzlies and came up with a stirring come-from behind 122-121 win to go to 21-25.

Russell Westbrook came off the bench to score 29 points for the Lakers.

Weather: Tet ushers in nice weather

This weekend brings us “The Year of the Cat,” the lunar new year that will be observed with events in Garden Grove, Westminster and elsewhere in Orange County. The forecast for Saturday is for sunny skies with a daytime high of 66 and an overnight low of 40. Sunday will be mostly sunny with a high of 63 and a low of 43.

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