Some statistics are encouraging

CORONAVIRUS numbers in Orange County in this week’s report showed some encouraging numbers (Shutterstock).

The arc of new confirmed new cases of coronavirus – along with other key metrics – in Orange County seems to be leveling off.

According to the county health care agency, the latest weekly tally of cases – as of Wednesday – shows 1,443, a slight increase from last week’s ,1,440, but sharply down from Jan. 12’s total of 2,246.

Deaths decreased to 45 from last week’s 57. Hospitalizations declined to 164 from 170 and the use of intensive care units to treat COVID-19 patients fell to 19 from 28.

To date, Orange County has had 708,451 cases and 7,893 deaths.

Nationally, new cases are down by 14 percent over a two-week period, and deaths have declined by 14 percent as well, according to The New York Times.

In California, according to Los Angeles Times, new cases are down by 3 percent and deaths by 11 percent over two weeks.

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