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Trump now faces 37 counts

FILES found at Mar-A-Lago (Justice Dept. photo).

The Justice Department’s indictment of former president Donald Trump has now reached 37 felony counts.

According to the Associated Press, the allegations against Trump include improperly storing  “sensitive documents” on national security including showing off a Defense Department “plan of attack.”

The prosecution is also alleging that Trump refused to return the documents that were stored at his estate in Florida and let visitors see some of them.

“Our laws that protect national defense information are critical to the safety and security of the United States and they must be enforced,” said Jack Smith, a Justice Department special counsel.

The indictment, or a conviction would not disqualify Trump from continuing his campaign for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, according to The New York Times, but it would be unusual.

Ukraine counter-offensive underway?

RUSSIA VS. UKRAINE (Shutterstock).

“Fierce fighting” is reported as Ukraine’s long-awaited counter-offensive against Russian invaders appears to have begun.

CNN is reporting that there are conflicting claims made about which side – if either of them – has gained any advantage. The two areas that appear to being contested are around the eastern city of Bakhmut and – in the south – city of Kherson. That’s a key city on the road to the land bridge to Crimea, seized illegally by Russia in 2014.

Both sides seems to hampered by the collapse of the Nova Kakhovka dam, which led to widespread flooding which hampers the movement of men and troops.

Winds could lesson smoke impact

DOWNTOWN Calgary in Alberta, Canada (WIkipedia).

The wildfires that are raging across Canada have doused the American Atlantic coast with thick smoke are considered to be mostly still “out of control” but prevailing winds are expected to blow much of the smoke away from the East Coast by the weekend.

 CBS News reports that the Canadian Interangency Forest Fire Centre is listing 232 fires as “out of control” and 112 “under control.” Another 82 are described as “being held.”

Continuing drought and warmer-than-usual temperatures are blamed for the crisis.

Sports: Angels beat M’s, Dodgers lose

The Los Angeles Angels  extended their  winning streak to five games when they defeated the Seattle Mariners 5-4 on Friday night. Shohei Ohtani gave up a two-run home run as a pitcher but more than made up for it with his own two-run home run and a 4-for-5 day at the plate.

The Halos are now 35-30 and remain in third place in the American League West.

Kyle Schwarber hit a walk-off home run in the bottom of the ninth to give the Philadelphia Phillies a 5-4 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers Friday night. It was the Phils’ sixth win in a row while the Blue Crew has lost four of its last six games.

With the loss, the Dodgers are 36-28 and in second place in the National League West behind the Arizona Diamondbacks. Trailing 4-1 in the seventh, the Dodgers got back-to-back home runs by Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman to tie the game up.

Weather: Rain on the way?

There’s a possibility of rain for our West Orange County area this weekend. Saturday is predicted to have morning clouds and afternoon sun with a daytime high of 71 and an overnight low of 61. But Sunday should be cloudy all day with a 24 percent chance of rain and a high of 68 (61). Monday will be cooler at 65 (58) and a 23 percent chance of rain. The outlook is better for Tuesday with a forecast of mostly sunny skies and a high of 70 (59).

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