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‘Barbieheimer’s big weekend

RYAN GOSLING and Margo Robbie star in “Barbie” (Warner Bros.)

Predictions of the demise of movie-going were proved premature after big audiences showed up in cinemas to see “Oppenheimer” and “Barbie” over the weekend.

According to the Associated Press, the movie about the popular girls’ toy pulled in $155 million in North American ticket sales as the biggest opening of the year.

The drama about the man most credited – or blamed – for the creation of the first atomic bomb grossed $80.5 million in North America, another big haul.

That’s reportedly the first time that two films have opened with over $100 million and $80 million and is expected to end up being the fourth-biggest box office weekend ever.

Word-of-mouth will likely push those numbers higher in weeks to come. The RottenTomatoes website – which calculates approval from filmgoers and critics has – “Barbie” at 90 percent approval from the audiences and reviewers, while “Oppenheimer” hit 94 percent from both groups.

Spanish elections have no clear winner

FLAG of Spain

Sunday’s national elections in Spain left the question of which party will govern the nation unsettled.

According to The New York Times, the Popular Party – considered center-right – was leading with 33.05 percent of the vote, equivalent to 136 seats in the Chamber of Deputies, but short of the 176 seats needed to declare victory.

Next is the PSOE, a center-left party with 31.69 percent and 122 seats. The far-right Vox had 12.39 percent (33 seats) and the far-left Sumar group is at 12.31 (32 seats).

Poland wants to annex Ukraine?


In what some observers belief was a jest, Alexander Lukashenko – president of Belarus, a Russian ally – claimed that Poland was planning on annexing western lands of Ukraine.

United Press International reports that the comments were from a transcript of a conversation between Lukashenko and Russian President Vladimir Putin which were made available to CNN.

The claim is that in payment for the aid that Poland has provided in fighting the Russians invasion, it wants sections of Ukrainian territory bordering on Poland.

“The Americans support this,” he reportedly said.

Weather: Mostly sunny days coming up

It won’t be suntan weather non-stop, but our West Orange County area should have several sunny days in the week ahead. The forecast calls for partly cloudy skies on Monday with a daytime high of 83, with an overnight low of 66. But sunny skies will appear on Tuesday with a high of 87 (67). Partly cloudy conditions return on Wednesday with 87 (67) again on the thermometer. The sun returns on Thursday and Friday with highs of 84 and 85.

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