Summer ‘bump’ for COVID-19

CORONAVIRUS cases are up this week in Orange County and across the nation (Shutterstock).

A small summer “bump” or “wave” of coronavirus appears to be forming, both nationwide and in Orange County.

Dr. Brendan Jackson, COVID-19 Incident Manager for the Centers for Disease Control, told National Public Radio that yes, it’s happening, but not to get too excited.

“After roughly six, seven months of steady declines, things are starting to tick back up again,” he said. More people are testing positive for the virus as well as people in hospital emergency rooms, but that appears to be the pattern each summer.

In Orange County, this week’s count of confirmed new cases is at  613, according to the county health care agency. That’s up from 522 the week before and 528 the week previous. One month ago the number of new cases was 371.

Deaths remain rare, however. For the week ending July 26, there were five deaths associated with COVID-19. But that’s down from July 19 at 10, which is up from one on July 12. The death count a month ago was seven.

Covid cases this summer are far below last year’s numbers. In late July 2022 the daily average was 1,263 confirmed new cases.

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