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New In-N-Out for Chapman/Harbor?

FRONT ELEVATION view of the new In-N-Out restaurant proposed for the corner of Chapman Avenue and Harbor Boulevard in Garden Grove.

A new 57,882-square foot In and Out burger restaurant project is planned to be built on the site of the existing Coco’s Restaurant and Bakery at Chapman Avenue and Harbor Boulevard in Garden Grove. The listed square footage includes the eatery, the drive-through lanes and parking areas.

The restaurant alone will include 3,867 square feet.

According to Maria Parra, senior planner for the City of Garden Grove, the proposal will go before the city planning commission on Jan. 4.

The new eatery, which includes a large inside dining area as well as drive-through lanes, will be a blend of the old and the new. Originally built in the Fifties as a Bob’s Big Boy, the restaurant later became a Coco’s. While the “footprint” of the building will be demolished, some familiar aspects will remain.

“They’ll be keeping the existing roof line, columns and signage,” said Parra, in a nod to the “googie” style of architecture, which was popular in the Eisenhower era.

In order to provide parking for the restaurant, the existing Rocky’s Liquor store on Chapman will be demolished and added to the parcel. Motorists will find access to the parking and the drive-through lanes on Chapman and Harbor.

Not included in the project will be the Walgreen’s pharmacy at the corner.

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  1. As a Garden Grove resident I’m so excited about the new In and Out! I’ve lived here all my life as most of all my family has. It’s wonderful so see this section of harbor being transformed and renewed.

  2. This should be a historic building. Preserving half of it is a disgrace to Armét and Davis, architects who had a profound impact on the look and feel of Southern California. There are very few googie buildings left in Garden Grove, let alone in all of California. In n Out is further turning Garden Grove into a wasteland of strip-malls and uninspired building design.

  3. I’m saddened to hear about this. The Coco’s at this location is a favorite to the community. Not to many places around still that have a family welcoming atmosphere that serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts. I feel this should be reconsidered. There is other locations to put an In-n-Out! Not to mention the new building going in at Harbor/Twin tree which will add more traffic to the area= more accidents. Ive seen the traffic and accidents from the In-n-Out location at Magnolia/Trask. Reconsider Just saying.

    • I hated that Coco’s and welcome the change. I do miss Bob’s Big Boy and wish it would come back but I’m excited to have In & Out closer!!

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