Rules on growing marijuana adopted

REGULATIONS on the cultivation of marijuana were approved by the Westminster City Council on Wednesday.

By Jim Tortolano

A list of rules regulating the indoor cultivation of marijuana was approved by the Westminster City Council on Wednesday night. City leaders voted 5-0 to adopt an urgency ordinance to establish requirements for growing cannabis within city limits.

While the personal use of “pot” is legal in California under Proposition 64, cities have the power to regulate its sale and cultivation. People growing marijuana for personal consumption may have as many as many as six plants. Westminster’s new ordinance puts in place these rules:

  • a cultivation permit from the city is required, with associated fees. City workers have the right to inspect property that’s been issued a permit
  • cultivation is allowed only within fully enclosed structures not accessible to minors
  • only one cultivation area is allowed
  • those under 18 should not have access to the area
  • the cultivation area can’t exceed 25 square feet
  • ventilation must prevent marijuana smoke or odors from annoying neighbors.
  • city taxes on marijuana must be paid.

Westminster does not allow the commercial sale of recreational marijuana.

Also on Wednesday night, the council voted 4-1 (with Councilmember Margie Rice voting no) to approve an agreement with CityNet to develop and administer a homeless collaborative program in the city at a cost of $90,000 for the fiscal year 2017-18.

Rice argued that CityNet was not being effective in curbing homelessness. Brad Fieldhouse, representing CityNet, told the council that the agency had helped 56 people find permanent or temporary housing.


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  1. All Westminster city council cares about is money. Over development and money. Little Saigon is horribly dirty, traffic is the worst I’ve seen anywhere, the city council allows multiple units to be built on each small residential parcel now trying to say that “density is good for people”. God forbid we grow our own medicine which we’ve been growing and using for the last 50,000 years without the ok of the most ignorant and greedy city council in the history of city councils

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