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HB may fight “sanctuary state” law

HUNTINGTON BEACH may sue California over “sanctuary state” status.

In the wake of last week’s action by the City of Los Alamitos to fight California’s status as a “sanctuary state” which limits its cooperation with the federal government on matters relating to illegal aliens, Huntington Beach may soon also join the fight.

In a letter to the public and press, Mayor Mike Posey announced he would request at the April 2 city council meeting legal action to oppose several bills that he considers “a threat to public safety.”

In his letter he went on to say “In order for the city to maintain our superior record of public safety, we have been exploring options to ensure your safety and maintain local control, while at the same time, fulfill our oath of upholding the Constitution.”

Today (Tuesday) the Orange County Board of Supervisors considers a request from Second District Supervisor Michelle Steel to condemn state law that “restricts law enforcement and endangers public safety and direct County Counsel to take legal action.”

Principal attention is being focused on Senate Bill 54, a 2017 piece of legislation which limits who state and local law enforcement agencies can hold, question and transfer at the request of federal immigration authorities.









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  1. You cannot uphold your sacred oath to support and defend the Constitution of the UNITED STATES from all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC if you follow unlawful orders and whims of the ꓘalifornia
    ꓘakistocracy and Nullification anarchists in Sacramexico!

  2. Why can’t “sanctuary City” protection ONLY be extended to law abiding folks? Kick out only the criminals. Wouldn’t that be a fair compromise for now? I think more people would support that than protection for any illegals, criminal or not. There’s enough division going on in this country right now , isn’t that a a fair compromise? Am I missing something here?

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