Garden Grove

Celebrate with Mary Ann this weekend

It’s part county fair, part entertainment extravaganza, part concert and part civic reunion. It’s the biggest and one of the oldest community events in Orange County, indeed, in all of Southern California.

It’s the 61st annual Garden Grove Strawberry Festival and although the tasty red fruit is gone as a local crop, the traditions, tastes, smells and routines that began when the city was half-suburb and half farmland persist.

The festival starts today (Friday) and continues through Monday at the Village Green Park at Main and Euclid Streets. The star of the four-day week in Saturday morning’s parade, with Dawn Wells – who played Mary Ann in the TV series “Gilligan’s Island – as the parade grand marshal and the Esparza family embodying the festival theme of “Celebrating Family.”

We offer here a handy summary of the key facts about the hours, parade route, history and more of this event, which not only brings back memories but brings in money for many nonprofit organizations and agencies serving the community.

Go and have fun.




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