Cannabis rules, standards OKd

THE STANTON City Council on Tuesday approved zoning rules for commercial cannabis operations  in the city (Shutterstock).

Final approval was given Tuesday night for regulations and zoning standards for potential local commercial cannabis businesses by the Stanton City Council. The vote was 4-1 in favor, with Mayor Dave Shawver dissenting.

While the sale of marijuana-based products is not yet legal in Stanton, Tuesday’s actions – and others before it – are clearing the way for prospective commercial operations which could bring in $1 million or more in tax revenue to the city.

Also on Tuesday night, the council approved a change in the municipal code to increase the density rate for residential construction to 80 dwelling units per acre and the maximum height of buildings in the “South Gateway” mixed use zone. That’s the area along Beach Boulevard between Garden Grove Boulevard and Catherine Avenue.

The vote to approve was 5-0.

Additionally, the council unanimously approved a development agreement with Bonanni Development to build a five- and seven-story mixed-use apartment complex with 300 units and a six-story parking structure on a 3.75-acre site at 12736 Beach Blvd., between Stanford and Lampson avenues.


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