Orange County

Child molest suspect arrested

A 30-YEAR-OLD Santa Ana man faces multiple charges of child molestation (Shutterstock).

Santa Ana police are seeking out possible victims of a man arrested Monday for multiple counts of child abuse.

SAPD officers responded to the 500 block of East Pine Avenue where a child molestation was reported. They arrested Michael Douglas Bailey, 30, of Santa Ana for sexually assaulting a 12-year-old boy.


The suspect was the boy’s tutor and – according to police – frequently allowed children from his neighborhood to come to his home and use the internet connection. The victim told police he was inside Bailey’s home and was assaulted as he went to the restroom.

Bailey, who is not affiliated with the Santa Ana Unified School District, is facing counts of child abuse and was booked at the Santa Ana Jail. He posted bail of $100,000.

Police believe there may have been other, similar incidents.

Anyone with information about Bailey related to charges against him is asked to call Detective Nick Vega at (714) 245-8368.

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