New housing for the homeless

STANTON is applying for a state grant to convert motels into housing for the homeless (Shutterstock).

The City of Stanton – in combination with the County of Orange and the Jamboree Housing Corporation – has applied for $28.1 million in state grant funding to convert two motels into permanent housing for the homeless.

While the state has not yet awarded the grant, it has reserved funding for the applications to convert The Tahiti Motel (11850 Beach Blvd.) and the Stanton Inn and Suites (7161 Katella Ave.).

A third site is under consideration, and negotiation with the motel owner is still underway.

Under the Homekey Program, the conversion of the two buildings would result in 132 new affordable homes for people experiencing homelessness who have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.


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  1. Meanwhile the Middleclass, that pays ALL the taxes, are losing THEIR HOMES THEY PAID FOR because of the Socialist Damnocrats in Sacramento! This is why there is a white flight from Orange County and Kalifornicate. Enjoy your Poor and Illegal Alien only state after we are all gone!

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