Orange County

COVID numbers are improving

ENCOURAGING coronavirus numbers Saturday for Orange County (Shutterstock).

The closely-watched statistics on coronavirus in Orange County took an encouraging turn today (Saturday). The number of positive COVID-1 cases reported was 165, a drop from Friday’s 282. The number of deaths reported declined to 10, compared to Friday’s 22.

Although county health officials caution placing too much emphasis on day-to-day results, a decline from Friday’s higher numbers could indicate that they were more of a “blip” than a trend.

Orange County is in the “red” tier of “substantial” cases of the virus, down from “widespread” or purple. Improving to “orange” or “moderate” depends on the OC maintaining appropriate test positivity (the percentage of people tested who are “positive” for the coronavirus infection) and daily cases per 100,000. Orange is a less restrictive tier for business and other public activities.

According to data on the Orange County Heath Care Agency’s web site, the county currently has a testing positivity number of 3.1 percent; the goal for “orange” is between 2 and 4.9 percent. Daily cases per 100,000 are at 3.6 for OC; the goal for orange is between 1 and 3.9 daily cases.

The California Department of Public Health updates its statistics and assignment of tiers each Tuesday.

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