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Murray’s wit isn’t “On the Rocks”

RASHIDA JONES and Bill Murray star in “On the Rocks.”

By Jim Tortolano

If Bill Murray is in a movie, it’s “A Bill Murray Movie.”

Such is the case with “On the Rocks,” a wry comedy featuring the king of dry and clever asides alongside some cast members who hold up their very secondary roles very well.

“Rocks” tells the story of know-it-all art dealer Felix (Murray), who drops into the life of his daughter (Rashida Jones as Laura), who is growing increasingly frustrated by her professional and personal life.

She’s feeling overwhelmed as the mother of two young girls while hubby Dean (Marlon Wayans) is always busy somewhere else with his hi-tech business startup.  Her career as an author is going nowhere and she wonders what happened to her life.

Felix is on the scene with various smug factoids and suspicions and the two of them go on an odyssey that starts off seeming slightly reasonable but …

Murray is his usual self, doing his engaging ironic shtick as he placidly proceeds from self-assuredness to well …

Jones adroitly sells the role as a modern urban woman struggling to “have it all.” Sofia Coppola is the screenwriter and director for this small film, deftly delivering an entertaining if not revelatory film.

But it all comes down to Murray. He’s the always-in-control likeable non-conformist who’s never spooked by anything. To put it another way, his “cool” is never “On the Rocks.”

“On the Rocks’” is rated R for some adult language, alcohol and tobacco use.


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