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Poll: Vaccine confidence grows

FIFTY-FIVE percent of African Americans now have confidence in vaccination for coronavirus (Shutterstock).

More people are expressing confidence in getting a vaccine against the coronavirus while some people are retaining their doubts about it.

According to a new poll conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation, 61 percent of American adults report either having been vaccinated or are intending to get the inoculation. The New York Times reports that 16 percent of U.S. adults have been fully vaccinated and 29 percent have had at least one “jab.”

Part of the increase comes from African Americans, 55 percent of whom now say they either have been vaccinated or “definitely will” get the vaccine.

Conversely, 17 percent are uncertain and 13 percent will definitely not get the vaccine, according to the survey, the results of which were released today (Tuesday). The groups showing the most resistance about getting the vaccine are Republicans and white Evangelical Christians. In each group, about one in three told the surveyors they would “definitely not” get the vaccine. Among those living in rural areas, one in five say they will “definitely not” get vaccinated.

The survey does show an increase in confidence in the vaccination process, up from 55 percent in February and 47 percent in January.

News: Witnesses deplore Chauvin’s conduct

Witnesses, including a firefighter who tried to intervene, testified that Derek Chauvin – the police officer on trial for the murder of George Floyd – kept kneeling on Floyd’s neck despite pleas to check his pulse render or medical aid.

THE TRIAL of the man accused of murdering George Floyd was in its second day (Shutterstock).

Other witness testifying in the Minneapolis courtroom said Chauvin ignored their pleas and had a “cold” and “heartless” stare, according to the Associated Press. If convicted, Chauvin, 45, faces up to 40 years in prison. The incident took place on May 25, 2020.

Death toll mounts in Myanmar: A total of 521 – or more –civilians have been killed in unrest in the southeast Asian nation of Myanmar, the Reuters news service is reporting. A military coup there has prompted widespread protests, and authorities have responded with violence. The army deposed an elected government in the nation once known as Burma.

Business: Just kidding, Volks…

It’s pretty unusual for a major manufacturer to change its name. It’s even more unusual when it’s really just a practical joke. According to USA Today, Volkswagen of America put out a press release stating that the corporation’s new name would be “Voltswagen,” in reference to the carmaker’s announced big push into electric automobiles. Later, the company said it was just an early April Fool’s Day prank, intended to focus attention on the company’s new electric SUV, 1D.4. Well, it worked.

Another bust for Wall Street:  For the second straight day, pessimism took hold of the stock market as all three major indexes moved downward. The Dow dropped 104.41 points to 33,966.96. The S&P 500 declined 12.54 points to 3,958.55 and the Nasdaq fell 14.25 points to 13,045.39

Sports: USC falls, but UCLA wins

With two teams in the Elite Eight, Southern California fans watching Tuesday night had dreams of sending two representatives to the Final Four of the NCAA men’s basketball championships. What happened was …

UCLA 51, Michigan 49: The underdog Bruins, shorter but scrappier, stunned the Wolverines in the East Regional and advanced to the Final Four. The Uclans led by four at the half and extended the lead to nine at one point. Michigan rallied to knot the game up, but missed its last nine shots. Johnny Juzang scored 28 points for the winners. The blue-and-gold (22-9) will face Gonzaga on Saturday in a championship semifinal.

Gonzaga 85, USC 66: The top-ranked Bulldogs improved to 30-0 with the win in the East Regional. Gonzaga jumped out to a 19-point halftime lead and only had to hold the Trojans even to win easily. USC finished the season with a 25-8 record.

Weather: Hotter and hotter

The West Orange County area will get more summer-y than expected, as daytime highs are supposed to reach into the 90s by mid-week. According to forecasts, Wednesday’s daytime high will hit 90 with an overnight low of 58. All that sunlight will be accompanied by winds up to 18 miles an hour from the east. Thursday will be similar with a high of 90, but some clouds will move in and breezes will slow to 10 miles an hour. In the coastal areas of Huntington Beach, daytime highs will be six to seven degrees cooler, and a small craft advisory will remain.

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