Garden Grove

Gambling den busted by GGPD

GARDEN GROVE police, with the aid of SWAT teams, a K-9 unit and the OC Bomb Squad, raised a suspected illegal gambling operation on Wednesday (GGPD photos).

A house on a quiet suburban street in Garden Grove was revealed to be a site for illegal gambling when police staged a raid on Wednesday.

SUSPECTS arrested in raid.

According to the GGPD, the department’s Special Investigations Unit has been focusing on a home in 10000 block of McMichael Drive (east of Brookhurst Street and north of Chapman Avenue).

The SUI served a warrant with the help of the GGPD’s K-9 unit, SWAT teams and the Orange County Bomb Squad. Twelve gambling machine consoles and a loaded handgun were seized. Nineteen adults were arrested for illegal gambling violations and/or outstanding arrest warrants.

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