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“Jobs 1st” programs still at work

BUSINESS are reopening, but those hurt by the coronavirus pandemic can get financial assistance through Garden Grove’s “Jobs 1st” programs (Shutterstock).

The City of Garden Grove announces the continuation of its JOBS 1st and JOBS 1st To-Go programs, which were implemented in 2020 to financially assist local businesses negatively impacted by COVID-19.

The JOBS 1st program provides zero-interest loans of up to $50,000 and grants of up to $25,000 to eligible businesses that create or retain jobs. To be eligible for the JOBS 1st program, businesses must be located in Garden Grove and possess a valid business license. Businesses that receive the $50,000 loan must also verify that they are creating jobs, while businesses that receive the $25,000 grant must verify that they are retaining jobs over a three-month period. In addition, businesses that receive the $25,000 grant will be required to prove that their business has seen a decrease in revenue of greater than 25 percent due to COVID-19.

The JOBS 1st To-Go program aims to assist local food and drink establishments with grants of up to $1,500. The JOBS 1st To-Go program will provide eligible businesses with $1,000 grant funding for the purchase of goods, such as containers, cups, plates, and silverware. In addition, the grant will subsidize third party fees from companies offering food delivery, including Uber Eats, Postmates, and DoorDash.

Further promoting the City’s shop local initiative, if a business approved for the JOBS 1st To-Go program demonstrates that $500 or greater in goods were purchased from a Garden Grove retailer, an additional $500 grant may apply.

To qualify for the JOBS 1st To-Go program, food and/or drink establishments must be located in Garden Grove; have been open for at least one year; possess valid operating licenses, permits, and be in good-standing with the City; and show a minimum of 25 percent decrease in revenue due to COVID-19.

The JOBS 1st and JOBS 1st To-Go programs are part of the Garden Grove Business Resource and Resiliency Plan, designed to assist local businesses, stimulate growth and job creation, while improving Garden Grove’s economic vitality.

For more information on Garden Grove’s business programs and to apply for assistance, visit or call the city’s Office of Economic Development at (714) 741-5130.

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