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War fears rising in Ukraine

VLADIMIR PUTIN, president of Russia. Shutterstock).

Against the backdrop of more warnings of an imminent Russian invasion, Ukrainian president Volodymyer Zelenskyy called on Vladimir Putin, president of the Russian Federation, to meet with him to resolve the matter.

According to the Associated Press, he offered to let Moscow pick the location for the meeting.

In eastern Ukraine, artillery shells fell on Ukrainian positions, prompting evacuations. The New York Times is reporting that separatists are claiming the national government would soon launch a major assault on the territory they hold.

The Ukrainian government said that the shelling came solely from the Russian-backed rebels, perhaps as a pretext for an invasion by the Russian army.

Police crack down on protesters in Canada

Over 100 protesters in the “Freedom Convoy” movement that has blocked streets and bridges in Canada for days have been arrested by police.

According to United Press International, the demonstrators were opposing a vaccine mandate for truck drivers entering the country, as well as other public health rules related to the coronavirus.

Police in the Ottawa area have towed 21 vehicles, and some of protests have turned violent, police report.

Sports: Uncle Sam slips to fourth place

The U.S. Olympic team in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is in fourth place in the medal count after several days in third. Norway is the leader both in gold medals (15) and overall medals (35).

Germany is second in golds (11), and the Russian Olympic Committee second in medals overall with 31.

America’s athletes have a total of eight golds (tied with Sweden and Netherlands) and 24 overall.

Weather: We’re staying cool

Daytime temperatures in the West Orange County area will stay in the 60s right through next Friday. According to forecasts, Sunday will be a high of 67 (54 overnight) under partly cloudy skies. Monday should be cooler with a high of 61 (52) with morning clouds and afternoon sun. That 61 high should continue through Wednesday.

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