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Retaliation for sinking ship?


In what observers think is retaliation for the sinking of a missile cruiser, Russian forces unleashed missiles and other weapons against a variety of targets in Ukraine on Saturday.

The New York Times reports that the strikes had hit a tank factory in Kyiv, the capital, and other locations, including a factory that Russians believe produced the Neptune anti-ship missiles that struck and ultimately sunk the Moskva, the flagship of the Russian navy in the Black Sea.

Also, Russian forces were advancing into the port city of Mariupol where Ukrainian defenders were reportedly holding on to only a “small part of it. The Ukrainian government repeated its pleas for more military assistance and signaled a willingness to reopen negotiations with Russia

10 people shot in S.C. shopping mall

A shooting at a shopping mall in Columbia, South Carolina hurt 12 people Saturday.

According to the Associated Press, 10 people were shot and two others injured. Three people found by police to have firearms were detained.

Eight of the gunshot victims were hospitalized and, of those, two were in critical condition.

Authorities believe this was not a random attack and may have been an altercation between rival groups.

Sports: Clippers cut from playoff field

The NBA season for Southern California fans ended officially on Friday when the Los Angeles Clippers lost 105-101 to the New Orleans Pelicans in the play-in tournament.

The Los Angeles Angels are 4-4 after defeating the Texas Rangers 9-6 on Friday. They take the field against them again today (Saturday).

The Los Angeles Dodgers are 5-2 after beating the Reds at home on Friday. They will play again today.

Weather: Clouds, sun, then rain

Partly cloudy conditions will persist in the West Orange County area through Tuesday, followed by some sun and a bit of rain. The forecast Sunday is for a daytime high of 72 (54 overnight), rising to 76 on Monday and falling to 72 on Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday are predicted to be mostly sunny (highs of 69 and 72), followed by morning showers on Friday with a high of 66 (52).




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